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Programme structure

  • Please note that this programme is offered only in Danish
  • This Programme is offered in Odense

The first year – a good grounding

During the first year of the Bachelor's degree programme in Pharmacy you build on your knowledge from your upper secondary education. In combination with a basic pharmaceutical course you also have basic courses in supporting subjects such as physics, chemistry, molecular biology, mathematics and statistics.

The first year ends with a group-based first-year project, where you, together with your study group, work in depth, both theoretically and practically, with a natural science problem of your choice.

Second and third years

During your second and third years of study, you will become acquainted with a number of pharmaceutical and chemical disciplines:

  • Drug formulation and preparation
  • Physiology and pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical toxicology
  • Organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry

Bachelor project

You complete the Bachelor's degree programme with a Bachelor project, where you study a limited scientific problem experimentally and/or theoretically.

Course of study

The recommended course of study gives you detailed overview of the programme and its contents, including the order in which we recommend that you take the courses:

See the recommended course of study for the Bachelor's degree programme in Pharmacy (available only in Danish)