FAQ - after the offer of a spot


FAQ - After the offer of a spot

When do I get an answer to my application?

All applicants receive an answer (acceptance/rejection) on 28 July.

If you get offered a spot at SDU, you must confirm the spot no later than 6 August on AdmissionSDU.

Without confirming the spot in time, you loose your spot and it will be given to an applicant on the waiting list.

What happens when I get offered a standby spot?

Once you get offered a standby spot, you must be on standby during the standby period up to 15 August.

During this period, you can leap in if you get offered a programme spot. Do you decline the offered spot under the standby period, the offer no longer applies. This applies as well to the assured admission for the next intake.

If you get offered a programme spot after the standby period, you can turn down the offer and still be assured the admission for the next intake. The assured admission applies as well, if you do not receive an offer for a programme spot during the actual intake.

Remember to apply for admission next year and attach a copy of your standby /assured admission confirmation to your application.

Check out more information about Standby and assured admission.

How to confirm the offered spot?

Log on to AdmissionSDU to confirm your spot before 6 August.


I confirmed my spot but am no longer interested - what to do?

If you do not want to keep your spot after all, please send a mail to with the following information:

  • birthday/CPR number
  • fuld name
  • the programme you have applied for
  • statement that you do not want to accept the spot
How to order a Student ID card?

You will receive a username and password to access where you have to upload a picture of you for ordering your student /ID card.

Write down your examination number which is mentioned during this step.

The ID card will be your identification/key to the examinations and the University building as well as your copy/print card.

The student ID will be handed out to you on your first day at the University. If you already have a Nem ID (students already living in Denmark), use that one to order the Student ID card.

No information received for study start and introduction?

Are you admitted, i.e. have you received information about your admittance on 30 July, you will receive further information on 15 August at the latest. Are you missing this information, check out the homepage for more details


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