FAQ - before having applied

Have you already applied and sent your application, check this page to get answered further questions. 

FAQ - before having applied

How to apply

All applications to Bachelor programmes take place via the national application system KOT. You have to apply via

If you already live in Denmark, please apply with the Login/NemID - get registered on if needed.

Check out our Step-by-Step guide with all needed information for applying for admission at SDU.

Which programme to choose?

Are you not sure about which programme to choose, we might be able to help you to make the right decision.

We offer counselling on the phone, via mail or at the Student Services at SDU.

Please contact us via

When do I have to apply?

With a non-Danish qualifying examination, you must apply before 15 March, noon - this includes IB Diplomas and  the admission course for engineers as well.

With a Danish qualifying examination, deadline is 5 July, noon.

How to send additional documents to my application?

Have you signed and sent your application before you are finished with your qualifying examination, or in case of changes to the documents you already have attached to your application, you are able to upload the newest version or additional documents to your application .

Scan the documents as the pdf files and open up your application once more on

Make sure your full name and birthday (your Social security number/CPR number if you already live in Denmark) are stated on the new documents. 

It is your own responsibility to make sure all needed documents are attached to your application.

How to make changes to my application?

In case of changes to your application once it is sent, you must send a mail to the Admission Office.

Changes made can be: applying for standby, cancel standby, apply for postponed study start under Medicine/Clinical Biomechanics, add field of study, state that you complete or cancel completion.

The mail must include:

  • your full name
  • birthday (CPR-number if you already live in Denmark)
  • the program you have applied for
  • the changes you might want to make

Deadline for making changes to your application is 5 July, noon.

Which entry requirements do I have to fulfill?

To get admitted to a programme at SDU, you need a qualifying examination.

In accordance to the ministerial order, it must be the first obtained qualifying examination.

Additionally,  you must fulfill the specific requirements for each programme, i.e. specific levels in specific courses.

Check out the requirements for the Bachelor programmes.

What can I do, if I do not fulfill the entry requirements?

If you do not fulfill the requirement of the qualifying examination, you can apply forspecial permission. Check out the question: Can I apply for admission without having a qualifying examination?

If you do not fulfill the specific entry requirements, you can take completion. In both quota 1 and 2, it is possible to complete one course with one level after the application deadline on 5 July.

Completion must be finished and passed and documentation sent to before 31 August in the year the admission takes place.

Special for the Danish taught programmes: Public Health, Sports and Health, Clinical Biomechanics, Medicine and Psychology: You are allowed to take completion in one course and one level after 5 July with programme start 1 September. With programme start 1 February (Medicine/Clinical Biomechanics), you are allowed to take completion in several courses/levels within 31 January. Your admission will be conditionally, provided that you pass the completion.

What to send along with the application?

You must file an application for each programme you wish to apply for, even if it is at the same institution. One application has to contain the following:

  • Diploma for the qualifying examination
  • Transcripts for further courses , e.g. completion
  • Statement of Hours documentation
  • Motivated application/CV (check: Do I have to send a motivated application/CV?)

More information can be found under How to apply.

Do I have to send a motivated application/CV?

If a motivated application is needed, it will be mentioned under the specific entry requirements of each programme.

Check out the entry requirements for your programme.


What is meant by standby/approval?

When applying for admission, you can apply for a standby spot.

Tick of 'standby' in your application under

Check out further information for standby and approval.

Can I apply for admission, even if I already have obtained a Master degree?

Applicants, who already have obtained a Master degree, can only be admitted if there are left spots at the Bachelor or Master programme they have applied for.

You can apply for special permission to get assessed on the same terms as the other applicants. An exemption will only be given in special cases, e.g. if you, due to special circumstances, are no longer able to work with your obtained degree. Lacking job opportunities or just the desire for a change of career will not be enough to get an exemption.

Can I apply for admission, even if I will not fulfill the entry requirements within deadline?

Yes, you can apply, even if you are not able to fulfill the specific requirements until after deadline. Completion has to be finished and passed before 31 August in the year where the admission takes place.

If you first finish your qualifying examination after deadline 5 July, noon - please contact the Admission Office with more detailed information.

Can I apply for admission without having a qualifying examination?

If you have not obtained a qualifying examination, you can apply for special permission due to other relevant qualifications, providing that you fulfill a number of common and programme specific requirements or that you have acquired corresponding qualifications through education or work experience.

Deadline for applying for special permission is 15 March, noon. More information can be found under Special permission.

Does my quota 2 application get assessed in quota 1 as well?

Are you applying before 15 March, your application will be handled in both quota 1 and 2.

This applies not to applicants with a special permission and applicants with a foreign qualifying examination which cannot be compared to the Danish qualifying examination.

Does the priority of the programme have any influence on my application?

Each application will be assessed individually.

The priority of programs does not have any influence of your applications.


Do I have to know the Danish language?

Applicants with a foreign qualifying examination have to pass the National Danish language test, Studieprøven, if Danish is mentioned under the specific entry requirements.

All four elements of this test have to be passed with grade 6 or more (13 scale) or 02 (7 scale). For the programme Medicine, you have to have obtained the grade 7 (7 scale) in all four tests.

The Danish language requirement does NOT apply to applicants from Nordic countries, neither to applicants for English taught programmes where the requirement for the Danish language is not stated under the specific entry requirements of the programme.

How to cancel my application?

If you like to cancel your application, you can do that via before 5 July, noon.


How to apply with a foreign qualifying examination?

Application deadline for applicants with a foreign qualifying examination is 15 March, noon. If your qualifying examination can be compared to the Danish one, your application will be assessed in both quota 1 and 2, unless you stated something else in your application. This applies to:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Danish/French Baccalaureate (DFB)
  • European Baccalaureate (EB)
  • Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB)
  • Examinations of EU/EEA countries

Examinations of countries outside EU/EEA cannot be compared to the Danish qualifying examination and will solely get assessed in quota 2.

Having a disability, is it possible to get assistance?

Are you diagnosed with e.g. dyslexia or if you have a physical or psychical disability which demands special conditions during  your time at University, please upload documentation to your application no later than 15 March, noon.

Students receiving the Danish State Grant can apply for Special support (Specialpædagogisk støtte (SPS)), to get help to complete their studies like the other students.

In case of questions, you are welcome to contact our SPS Office by phone 0045 6550 1800 or via mail

More information about the support: Specialpædagogisk støtte (SPS)can be found here.


Can I improve the average of my qualifying examination?

No, it is not possible to improve the average of your qualifying examination.

If you have obtained several qualifying examinations, the first one obtained will be used for the assessment if the average is a part of the specific entry requirements or the selection criteria.

It is not possible to implement grade of single courses to your average.


As a non-Danish applicant, do I have to pay for the programme?

Non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay tuition fees. This applies both to guest- and full degree students.


  • Exchange students do not pay tuition
  • Students doing a full degree with an EU/EEA or Swiss citizenship
  • Students doing a full degree with a non-EU/EEA citizenship who hold a permanent residence permission do not pay tuition
  • Students doing a full degree with a non-EU/EEA citizenship who hold a temporary residence permission "with a view to/possibility of" being granted permanent residence in Denmark do not pay tuition. Your residence permit must state: "mhp. varigt ophold" or "mmf varigt ophold".
  • Children of workers from non-EU/EEA countries having been granted a residence permit pursuant to Section 9M of the Danish Aliens Act and whose parents have been granted residence permits pursuant to Section 9A of the Danish Aliens Act
  • Students who have a permanent residence permit in one of the Nordic nations (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland or Iceland)
  • Students with a residence permit granted on the basis of family reunification

For more information you can contact

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