FAQ - after having applied


FAQ - after having applied

Will I get a receipt after having sent my application?

Once the University got your application, you will receive a confirmation mail with your username and password for the online Admission Self Service site AdmissionSDU where you have to follow the status of your application.


When do I get an answer if I am admitted or not?

Non-EU/EEA applicants will receive an admission/rejection mail in June and your status on AdmissionSDU will change (acceptance/rejection). Payment instructions for attending the programme will be sent to you shortly after. Once them oney is in our system, we can start the VISA process.

EU applicants: You have to check your Self Service Site AdmissionSDU. On 30 July the latest, you will get the information if you are accepted or not. Please read the status thoroughly and follow the instructions.

All applicants have to confirm the offered spots via If you do not confirm your spot before deadline, you will lose it.

How to enter AdmissionSDU?

Once you have received the confirmation mail with your username/password, enter via


Can I make changes to my application?

No changes can be made to your applications after 5 July, noon.

In case of further questions, contact the Admission Office via

How to cancel my application?

If you like to cancel your application, you can do that via before 5 July, noon.


How to change details in my application once it is sent via

Send a mail to and state your full name, birthday (CPR-number if you already live in Denmark), the program you have applied for as well as the changes you might want to make.

Changes made can be: applying for standby, cancel standby, apply for postponed study start under Medicine/Clinical Biomechanics, add field of study, state that you complete or cancel completion.

Deadline for making changes to your application is 5 July, noon.


What happens if I get offered a Standby spot?

If you got offered a standby spot, you have to be ’standby’, i.e. available, in the period up to 15 August. During this period, you can leap in anytime if you get offered a spot.

Rejecting the offer of a standby spot, means that you lose the offer. This applies to the admission assurance during admission in the year after as well.

If you got offered a standby spot after 15 August, you still have the right to admission next year (admission assurance), even if you reject the standby spot to begin with. Admission assurance applies as well, if you do not get the offer of a standby spot during the admission year concerned.

Remember to apply for admission next year again and attach a copy of your admission assurance letter.

Do I have to register for the aptitude test?

Yes, it is very important that you register in time for the entry examination via


What to do if I am not able to attend the aptitude test/interviews?

It is not possible for us to show regards to our applicant’s holidays or each needs in connection with the dates for the aptitude test (entrance examination).

The aptitude test/interviews will solely take place on the mentioned dates.

An exemption for taking the test/interview will only be given in case of special circumstances like acute illness, death in immediate family or alike. To get an exemption, you must document your case through a doctor’s note or the like.

How to confirm the spot?

Non-EU applicants: Your tuition fees have to be paid before the mentioned deadline in your mail.

EU applicants: Confirm your spot before 6 August via the Admission Self Service site AdmissionSDU.

I already confirmed but am no longer interested in my spot - what to do?

If you regret that you have confirmed your spot, send a mail to and state your full name, birthday, and the programme you have applied for as well as a short notice that you would like to cancel your registration.


How to order a Student ID card?

You will receive a username and password to access where you have to upload a picture of you for ordering your student /ID card.

Write down your examination number which is mentioned during this step.

The ID card will be your identification/key to the examinations and the University building as well as your copy/print card.

The student ID will be handed out to you on your first day at the University. If you already have a Nem ID (students already living in Denmark), use that one to order the Student ID card.

No information received about study start and introduction?

Are you admitted, i.e. have you received information about your admittance on 30 July, you will receive further information on 15 August at the latest. Are you missing this information, check out the homepage for more details


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