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To get assessed in both quota 1 and 2 - do I have to apply twice?


  • You only have to apply in quota 2 between 1 February and 15 March, noon.
  • Your application will automatically get assessed in quota 1 if you meet the entry requirements for that.
  • You only have to apply once for the university.
  • You do not take a spot from another applicant in quota 2 if you end up getting accepted in quota 1.
When applying in quota 2, I am not getting accepted in quota 1 even if my GPA is high enough


With non-Danish qualifying examination, you always have to apply in quota 2, still your application can be forwarded to quota 1.

If you have a qualifying examination and your GPA is high enough to enter the programme via quota 1, you will get accepted in quota 1 even if you haven applied in quota 2.

When applying in quota 2, you will automatically get assessed in quota 1 as well if you fulfill the entry requirements.

If my GPA is identical with the one from last year's admission, will I get acccepted?

No, not with certainty.

The GPA varies each year, therefore you cannot be sure that the GPA is the same as the one from last year's admission by the time you are applying.

Do I only have a limited number of attempts to apply for a programme?


You can apply for a Bachelor programme at SDU once a year via

There are no restrictions on how many times you are allowed to apply for admission for a programme.

Though, special rules apply, if you already have finished a Bachelor (restrictions on more than one Bachelor) or if you have been registered at the very same programme before.

I can just apply for exemption if I am not able to fulfill the requirements


NOTE: you can not apply to get exempted of one of the specific entry requirements.

You can apply for exemption if you do not fulfill the specific requirements and if you believe that you have obtained comparable qualifications after finishing your qualifying examination.

You have to document the alternativ qualifications along with your application for exemption.

You do not fulfill one or more specific entry requirements

In case you do not fulfill one or more specific requirements through your qualifying examination, you can takean>completion in both courses and levels

When asking stupid questions, will that affect my chance to get accepted to a programme?


First of all: There are no stupid questions. The questions you ask e.g. about how you have to apply for admission, or the entry requirements for the programme, how your application will get assessed in quota 2 and if it is possible for you and how to apply for exemption, will not be a part of the assessment of your application.

You are always welcome to contact the Admission Office, in case of questions concerning your application.

If you need more specific information about the programme you are applying for, you can either find the information on SDU's homepage or you can contact the academic advisor of the programme.

Will I get "credit" for what I have done during my gap year?

No, that is not common.

What you are doing in your gap year, will not be considered when you apply in quota 2. The programmes have individual entrance examinations which you can find more information about under each programme under ”Entrance examination – quota 2”.

NOTE: some programmes have interviews as a part of the entry requirements in quota 2 and in some cases, your gap year can have a beneficial affect, e.g. if you have obtained a broader knowledge about the field you want to get educated in.

My diploma can get too old


Your Upper Secondary High School Diploma will not get too old, as long as it is a qualifying examination for university.

I can adjust my GPA through completion


You can NOT adjust your GPA, neither through completion.

Your GPA will always be the same.

When you have taken more than one qualifying upper secondary high school examination, the first one taken counts.

You can apply for exemption for an adjustment of the admission rules, if you believe that special circumstances adversely affected your ability to fulfill the entry requirements for a programme while finishing your qualifying examination.

I can get exempted from the specific entry requirements


Despite the special circumstances, that have prevented you in passing a specific entry requirement, like e.g. Mathematics on intermediate level - you still have to to fulfill all entry requirements to be able to apply for admission.

If you do not fulfill the entry requirements, you have to take completion.

Once I am registered at SDU, it is easy to transfer to another programme

You can of course transfer from one programme to another. Although, you have to be aware of a number of conditions.

  1. there have to be left spots at the programme you want to tranfer to.
  2. it is required that you have passed all of the components of the programmes first year (60 ECTS).

A transfer requires that you send an application for a transfer. These rules apply as well when applying for a transfer from one campus to another within SDU (e.g. transfer from Business Administration from Odense to Business Administration in Sønderborg).

NOTE: once you are registered for a minor course or an elective subject,you can not transfer to another minor course/elective subject. However, you can still regret your choice of minor/elective up to 14 days after study start.

I can not apply for admission since I am finishing my Diploma during summer

Yes, you can apply in quota 2/3.

Finishing your diploma this summer:

You can apply for admission even if you have not finished your education and received your diploma.

You have to send a transcript along with your application for admission to state that you are able to fulfill the entry requirements.

Remember to upload your Diploma no later than 5 July, noon.

Can I take completion during autumn, once I am registered?


All completion has to be finished before study start to make sure you fulfill the set entry requirements. The documents have to be sent to no later than 31 August - if you take completion after 5 July.

I have been registered to another programme earlier, will I be ranked lower than others or will I not get a spot?


All applicants get assessed on equal terms. Therefore, it is of no consequence if you have been registered for other programmes earlier.

Although, special rules apply to:

Same programme
Are you applying for admission or re-admission for a programme, where the university has cancelled your registration from - it is not possible to get accepted again. This applies as well if you have been registered at another university. However, the university can make a specific individual assessment to see if your odds to finish the programme are improved significantly. I.e. if the special circumstances that caused the challenges earlier have changed significantly. Find more information about the exemption for the admission on the same programme here.

Restriction of taking more than one Bachelor
Have you been registered to a programme before and have you finished the education, is it not possible to take another education on a lower or the same level due to the rules about the restrictions on taking more than one Bachelor. Find more information about the restrictions here.

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