Programme Structure

The Bachelor of Science in European Studies programme consists of 6 semesters – with app. 15 lessons per week. As a student you are the person being in charge of acquiring skills and knowledge. Teaching is offered, but attending lectures is not the primary activity for a student enrolled at the university. Skills and knowledge are not only developed in connection with teaching, but in a more important way through studies, field work/research, preparation of assignments, and especially through the interaction with fellow students.

Teaching is lectures, class instructions and individual supervision.

The bachelor's project
A bachelor programme ends with a bachelor's project during the sixth term. This offers you the opportunity – usually in collaboration with a business or an organization – to put into practice the knowledge you have acquired. The project therefore makes it possible for you to specialize in one of the subjects or one of the areas you have become particularly interested in during your studies.

You can read the course descriptions for further information. 

Graph of the BSc European Studies


You can read more about the courses in the course descriptions.

You can read more about the programme in the curriculum.

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