Entry requirements

The application can be sent through quota 1, 2 or 3.

You have to fulfil the entry requirements no matter which quota you are applying for.


European Studies (19225)

Entry requirements

Are you applying for admission for the Bachelor programme in European Studies in Sønderborg (19225) in 2018, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Qualifying examination
  2. Specific entry requirements:
  • English on intermediate level (Danish level B)
  • Mathematics on intermediate level (Danish level B)
  • History or Social Sciences on intermediate level (Danish level B)

The courses have to be passed.

 You must fulfill the requirements regardless the quota you are applying for.

If you not fulfill the entry requirements

You are able to take completion to meet the specific requirements. The courses have to be finished and passed and the diploma in our hands before 5 July, noon.



How to apply

Where to apply

To apply for admission, you have to upload an application via

The area number of the programme is 19225.

When to apply

Upload your application from 1 February on.

If your qualifying examination can be assessed in quota 1, you have to chances of getting admitted. If you meet the GPA, you get admitted via quota 1 even  if you have applied in another quota. The GPA is not known up front.

Graduating this year?

Check out what you have to be aware of when graduating this year.

Quota 1

All applicants with a Danish qualifying examination can apply in quota 1 and get assessed via their GPA.

Quota 2

All applicants from an EU country, with a foreign qualifying examination must apply in quota 2 and attend an aptitude test and possible further tests.

Application deadline is 15 March, noon.

If your grade point average is high enough and if it can be transferred to the Danish scale, your application will be assessed in quota 1, on equal terms with the Danish applicants. The Admission Office will decide which applications can be transferred to quota 1.

Quota 3

All applicants from a non-EU country with a foreign qualifying examination have to apply in quota 3 and attend an aptitude test and possible further tests.

Application deadline is 15 March, noon. 


After you have applied

You can check the status of your application and important messages on Admission SDU, like e.g.:

  • if enclosures/information for your application are missing
  • receive the notice for the aptitude test
  • confirm your attendance at the aptitude test
  • check out your result of the aptitue test
  • chek if you are admitted to SDU
  • confirm or reject the possible programme spot

You can log on the system with your NemID (only residents in Denmark) or the username and password which you receive shortly after the application deadline on 15 March.

Find more information on how to apply for admission and make sure that yo have followed the 8 mentioned steps before you have upload your application.

Admission test - quota 2

In 2018, the entrance examination in quota 2 for BSc. in European Studies (19225) consists of:

Note, that you do not have to send a motivated application or a CV along with your application for the programme.

The academic assessment


The uniTEST will assess your general aptitude within the following areas:

  • Critical thinking
  • Quantitative thinking
  • Linguistic and cultural thinking
  • Interpersonnel interaction
  • Scientific thinking

The test covers 150 questions and lasts for 3,5 hours.

Read more about the aptitude test and check out its questions. 

The best Match

Academic questions to the education can be asked on the day of the uniTEST.

Selection process

The result of the uniTEST decides which applicants get offered a spot at the programme in quota 2.

The applicants are ranked top down after the total score. The top-down principle applies as well until all vacant spots are distributed.

We expect to accept 15 students for European Studies via quota 2.

Practical information about the aptitude test

Aptitude test (uniTEST):

The aptitude test takes place on 7 and 8 April 2018. Though, you only have to attend the test on one of the days.

Are you residing in Denmark when the test takes place, you have to attend the test personally at a SDU campus. 

Are you residing outside Denmark, you can attend the online version of the aptitude test via remote proctoring. To be able to attend the online version, special conditions must be fulfilled. The conditions are made public during winter.


Check out the practical information about the uniTEST. 

Enrolment in 2018

Enrolment in 2018:

Programme spots 35
Quota 1/2 (%) 50/50
Grade Point Average in 2018 To be announced later

Enrolment in 2017:

Programme spots 35
Quota 1/2 (%) 50/50
Grade Point Average in 2017 All qualified applicants admitted




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