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BSc in Economics and Business Administration - Energy Management

A Bachelor programme in Economics and Business Administration contains a broad range of business economics subjects, including marketing, accounting, finance, IT, planning, and organisational theory. It provides you with a versatile set of business skills that can be used in both private and public companies and within a wide range of industries. A BSc in Economics and Business Administration from SDU enables you to hold a position within virtually any of a company's administrative functions.

Furhter information on the danish website
  • This Programme is offered in Esbjerg
  • This programme is taught in Danish

Facts about the programme - BSc in Energy Management

  • Bachelor programme
  • Faculty: Business and Social Sciences
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Location: Esbjerg
  • Application deadline:
    Quota 2: Apply no later than 15 March at noon
    Quota 1: Apply no later than 5 July at noon
  • Study start: 1 September

Find the balance between the environment, business, and society

Denmark and the rest of the world are facing changes in both the way energy is produced, distributed, and also how energy is used. In other words, we need not only technical solutions but also knowledge about societal influences such as economic, market, and human behaviour to address the issue of energy and sustainability. Therefore we are providing the programme in Energy Management.

The core courses in BSc in Energy Management contain Energy Markets, Evaluation of Energy Projects, Risk Management in the Energy Industry, and Energy Management. After completing the programme, you will gain skills and knowledge on how to help companies/institutions to develop sustainable business models to enhance their competitive advantages; and  you will be qualified for jobs such as: energy consultant, energy project manager, energy coordinator, environmental consultant. 

For more information, please visit the Danish webpage. You are also welcome to contact us.