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Study start

Your study start is important - also to us

A new life as a university student is exciting, but we also know that it can be a challenging time settling in to new surroundings. We therefore do our utmost to ensure that we support you as much as possible in getting off to a good start with your studies.

We offer a long study start period

You will have access to our online study start course ‘How to Uni’ once you have been accepted onto your study programme. It is an online course that will help get you off to a good start. How to Uni will guide you through your first semester. An introductory programme and a tour are planned for the end of August and will allow you to get to know your fellow students.

You should be aware that the introductory programme often takes place before the official study start (1 September). Once you have been accepted, you will be able to see the dates of your introductory programme on our website for registered students, MySDU.

The introductory programme is both academic and social

The purpose of the introductory programme is to ensure that you get off to a flying start with your new life as a university student, both academically and socially. The first period will therefore include both academic and social elements. It is important that you also make an effort to develop a good social network during this period, as well as get an idea of the requirements and expectations that apply to you as a student. 

We have clear guidelines for the study start

The planning includes particular focus on the process of integrating the academic and social aspects, and all new students must feel welcome without feeling pressured into participating in new activities.
The consumption of alcohol will not be permitted before and during academic events.
Dedicated tutors, who are all older students, will be there to welcome you. They will be on hand to guide you through the introductory days and tour. They have worked hard to put the programme together and are passionate about providing you with the best start to your studies as possible.

  • Your tutors will welcome and guide you through the first period.
  • The introductory programme will integrate academic and social aspects.
  • Everyone should feel welcome at SDU and in all activities.
  • The consumption of alcohol is not permitted before and during academic events.


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