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Life as a student

Life as a student

If you would like to know more about life on the study bench, you can read more about teaching methods and examination types under programme structure.

Life away from the books

SDU provides you with the opportunity to participate in an active, diverse, and international study environment. You can influence your course of study and your university through various organisations and committees, as well as contribute to creating social activities for the students. You can also be involved in the student union, the Friday Bar, or one of the academic student organisations. Read more about student life in Sønderborg .


A tour at SDU in Sønderborg. (video is in Danish)

Study start

Many upcoming students are concerned about the transition from youth education to university. SDU has therefore put the study start into focus. You will participate in an introductory course and be assigned to tutors on the first day. You will also be offered courses in, for example, study habits and planning. An introductory tour will also be arranged. All of this is to ensure that you get off to a good start with your studies and your new life as a university student.


Read more about the transition from high school student to bachelor student or career opportunities.