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From high school student to bachelor student


This is a university, and you are no longer a high school student. At the university you have fewer scheduled lessons, and there is no compulsory attendance. Instead we expect you to be solely responsible for planning your study in between the scheduled lessons. The programme is a full-time study, and we expect you to study full-time. There is a lot of literature to cover of which a great deal can be in English. There are assignments and tasks that must be solved. Lectures consist mainly of large classes, whereas in classroom exercises, taught by an older student, the classes are generally smaller. You will learn more and gain professional perspectives by spending time with your fellow students e.g. in a study group. After you adjust to the new study environment, you will realize that you have found your own studying pattern. 

Social life

On your first day you and your fellow bachelor students will receive a warm welcome from the current students. They will help you build social relations and get you started with the academic side too. We recommend that you join a study group, where you can support each other and strengthen each other’s academic competencies along the way. By talking to your fellow students, you will learn that most of them at some point have experienced self-doubt and insecurity regarding one’s abilities. This is quite normal when starting in a new environment, and it is therefore important that you bond with your fellow students and create strong relations from the very first day. This enables you to support and encourage each other during your time at the university.

Your study competencies

You are solely responsible for own learning at the university. It is your passion to learn that drives you forward. You are capable of working independently by planning in advance how to prioritise your reading material, study preparation, study group work, and assignments. There are immense profits to be made, if you structure your time accordingly. You will gain more by understanding the material and having an overview of the contents rather than reading and studying every single word on the pages of the curriculum. The programme’s entry requirements give a good indication of, where your academic competencies should lie; i.e. Mathematics A expresses that you need to have a high mathematical competency.

How to uni – an online study start course 

We have developed an online study start course in easing your transition to your study programme. You will receive access to How to uni, before you start at the university. The course introduces you to life as a bachelor student, regulations, study techniques, and our expectations of you.


Learn more about life as a student and career opportunities