Admission at International Economics and Business Relationships in 2017

As of admission 2017 admission to Economics and Business Administration – International Economics and Business Relationships will take place on the basis of a multiple choice test and an academic test.

The results of the Multiple Choice Test decide the participants in the academics test consisting of a motivated application and an interview. The results of the academic test decide who will be offered the student places in quota 2.

The Multiple Choice test consists of appr. 100 questions and lasts 2.5 hours. The applicants will be tested in quantitative, critical and linguistic argumentation. The multiple choice test has been developed to assess qualifications essential for university students.

It is important to be aware that the test result does not depend on specific background knowledge of specific areas. The knowledge necessary to answer the questions will be part of the test. It will not be possible or relevant to prepare for the test by e.g. learning specific knowledge in advance.

In the academic test, the applicants will be evaluated by the following criterias:

  • Knowledge (about the study programme)
  • Communication (the ability to communicate independently, varied and clear)
  • Reflection (Reflection on own interests, strengths and weaknesses in proportion to the content and purpose of the study programme)

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