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Entrance examination for BSc in Economics and Business Administration – Global Business Relationships

When you've applied for admission, you will be invited to participate in an entrance examination. 

Entrance examination in 2021 

Entrance examination for the Bachelor programme in Economics and Business Administration – Global Business Relationships consists of the following elements:  

  • Motivational letter (in English) 
  • uniTEST 
  • Structured interview (in English) 

Please note, for a quota 2 assessment you must upload your motivational letter by no later than 15 March, noon via

#1 - Motivational letter 

The motivational letter will be assessed within the following areas:  

  • Motivation:  
    Here you can elaborate on your reasons for choosing to apply for Economics and Business Administration at SDU.  
  • Insight into the programme:  
    Here you can elaborate on the types of subject areas and teaching methods you expect to encounter in the study programme.  
  • Programme specific knowledge:  
    Here any relevant work experience can be brought into play together with the inclusion of any future opportunities you see for yourself with Economics and Business Administration. 
  • Personal qualities and social commitment: 
    You can elaborate on any voluntary work you may be involved in or any other form for social commitment.  

#2 - uniTEST 

uniTEST is an online multiple-choice test that evaluates your academic aptitude. uniTEST is not a test of your knowledge within specific subjects but tests your general prerequisites for completing an academic degree. You will be tested on your abilities within the following areas: critical reasoning, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning.  

The test lasts two and a half hours and consists of 95 questions. You only have to take the test once, even if you are applying for several programmes at SDU.  

More information regarding uniTEST and sample test questions can be found here.  

#3 -Structured Interview 

The interview is based on your motivational letter and an assessment of your professional and social skills will take place within the following areas: 

  • Motivation  
  • Insight into the study programme 
  • Programme specific knowledge  

Selection process 

All applicants will be invited to the uniTEST where it is the test result that is crucial for the quota 2 process.  
The 10 highest scoring applicants from the uniTEST proceed to a quota 2 assessment. The quota 2 process is completed in the most positive way for this group of applicants. The next 50 applicants on the list are invited to the structured interview. The results from the structured interview will determine study place rankings in quota 2. 

Time and place  

  • uniTEST will be held in the period between 1st of March and 14th of April.  
    uniTEST is held online and you participate from your own computer. You can sign up for the test after we have received your application.  
  • Structured interviews will be held online via Zoom 27 and 28 May. You participate from home using your own PC.