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Entrance examination for BSc in Engineering in Electronics

 When you've applied for admission, you will be invited to participate in an entrance examination.

Entrance examination in 2021

Entrance examination for BSc Engineering programme in Electronics consists of the following elements:

  • uniTEST 
  • Interview  

#1 – uniTEST 

uniTEST is an online multiple-choice test that evaluates your academic aptitude. uniTEST is not a test of your knowledge within specific subjects but tests your general prerequisites for completing an academic degree. You will be tested on your abilities within the following areas: critical reasoning, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning.

The test lasts two and a half hours and consists of 95 questions. You only have to take the test once, even if you are applying for several programmes at SDU.  

Read more about uniTEST and find sample questions here  

#2 – Interview  

The purpose of the interview is to match expectations between you and the programme. The interview lasts approx. 15 minutes and you will get to talk to two employees from the engineering programme. The interview will evaluate your professional and personal competencies in relation to the engineering programmes.  
The assessment includes the following criteria:  

  • Motivation for studying an engineering degree  
  • Personal integrity (e.g. reflection on own strengths and weaknesses in relation to an engineering degree)
  • Communication skills (e.g. ability to enter into a dialogue with the interviewers).  

You will receive a brief introduction to the interview when you check in on the actual interview day. You will have the opportunity to use the waiting time before your interview to consider, if there is anything you would like to ask us about.  You only have to complete the interview once even if you have applied for admission to multiple engineering programmes.  


Selection Process 

All applicants who complete uniTEST will be invited for the interview. It is the overall result from uniTEST and the interview that determines whether you get a study place.  

Time and place 

  • uniTEST will be held in the period between 1st of March and 14th of April.
    uniTEST is held online and you participate from your own computer. You can sign up for the test after we have received your application.  

  • Interviews will be held Saturday 8th of May.
    You attend the interview in the Campus city (Odense or Sønderborg) where you have the highest prioritized engineering programme.  It is possible to participate in the interview from abroad. Interviews from abroad are conducted online via Zoom in the period 10-12 May.