Special permission

What should your application contain?

You must give your reasons and motivation for your choice of programme in your application and document that the qualifications you have are comparable to a qualifying examination. You will be permitted to apply for enrolment at the university without a qualifying examination if you can document general competences in study preparation that can be compared to an upper secondary education. The university can grant 'admission with special permission' based on an individual, academic evaluation of the concrete application.

What do we emphasise when we evaluate your application?

You must document general competences in study preparation that can be compared to an upper secondary education. This is regarded as a prerequisite at the university for the ability to acquire structure and communicate academic knowledge. Emphasis will also be placed on the possession of a relevant education and occupational experience. In addition, as a minimum you must fulfil the specific admission requirements for the programme you are applying for admission to.
In brief, the following will be used as a basis for deciding whether you will be entitled to apply for admission without a qualifying examination: 

  • Previous education. 
  • Occupational experience. 
  • General subjects, including Danish, English and social studies/history at higher preparatory (HF) level.
  • The specific admission requirements.

Evaluation under quota 2

Exemption from the requirement for specific admission requirements cannot be granted on the basis of occupational experience alone, see the item 'specific admission requirements'. It is important to emphasise that special permission exclusively entitles you to apply for admission to the relevant programme under quota 2, and is not a guarantee of a place in the programme you are applying for. We therefore recommend that you take a full qualifying examination as this will make it possible for you to apply under quota 1 as well.

Rudolf Steiner

Applicants with a Rudolf Steiner education can apply for admission with special permission under quota 2.

When must you apply?

You must apply for exemption from the requirement for a qualifying examination before 15 March in the year you are applying for. If your application reaches the university after that date, it will only be processed in connection with the number of vacant places on 30 July in the second round. If you forward your application before 15 February, you can expect a reply within two weeks.

Engineering programmes in particular

There are special rules for applicants with shorter courses of further education.

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