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Applying without a qualifying examination?

Get the application form for exemption/special permission (.pdf)


You have no qualifying examination

Without a  qualifying exam, you must apply for special permission. When applying for special permission, you still have to fulfil the specific requirements of the programme you are applying for.

You can apply for admission without a qualifying examination if you can document obtained qualifications replacing the requirement.

What do we emphasize on when we assess your application?

Relevant education

When we assess an application for exemption/special permission,  we emphasize on the time frame of the obtained education or the kind of educations taken.  The important factors are the level and the theoretical  extent, including a considerable written task. Exemption for the specific entry requirements for the programmes at SDU can not be made.

Relevant can be:

  • A Professional Bachelor's programme
  • A vocational  education


Written task/project work

You should document a considerable written task or  a similar written project task on the upper secondary education level. The written tasks can be:

  • Bachelor thesis
  • Considerable written task
  • documentation alike the two above mentioned

Attachment to your application for exemption/special permission

Along your application for exemption/special permission you have to upload:

  • CV
  • Documentation stating that you can fulfil the specific entry requirements
  • Documentation about a considerable written task
  • Documentation about the qualifications you think can replace the requirement of the qualifying examination

Exemption/Special permission is no guarantee for admission

A given exemption/special permission is no guarantee for admission, but it gives you access to apply for admission and that your application gets handled on equal terms like all other applications in quota 2, where you have to attend and pass an entrance examination / specific subject tests.

Last Updated 02.03.2022