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Programme offered in Danish only Interdisciplinary design City planning, architecture, interior design, industrial design and graphic design are merely a few of the areas you will get to know while studying Design and Cultural Economics. The course differs from other academic design- and art courses by focusing on the business aspects. You will complete courses in management, organisation and financial management as well as the design orientated courses. As a student of Design and Cultural Economics, you will engage in a series of courses that render you a thorough understanding of the fields of design history, organisation and marketing strategy. During the course, you will develop analytical, communicative, business and management skills that are directed towards businesses within the area of culture and experience economy. You will be qualified to work as a consultant, facilitator, entrepreneur and project manager. A BA in Design and Cultural Economy qualifies for a range of Graduate programmes at the Faculties of Humanities or Social Sciences. Turn theory into reality It is a great idea to include an internship in a business into your studies. This will allow you to put theory into practice. You might be interested in internships at cultural institutions, advertising agencies, municipalities, design companies and so forth. You make the arrangements, but we are here to help if you need it. The internship is concluded with a written report presented to your internship supervisor.