Entry requirements

The application can be sent through quota 1, 2 or 3.

You have to fulfill the entry requirements no matter which quota you are applying for.


BA int. - International business administration and modern Languages (19220)

Entry requirements
Due to the cooperation with Europa-Universität Flensburg you are asked to follow this procedure:
Applicants with a German high school/secondary school examination or equivalent have to apply at Universität Flensburg for the study programme B.Sc. International Management. Further information can be found HERE

For applicants with a Danish high school/secondary school examination or equivalent please look at the Danish version of this page (use the button with the Danish flag on the top of this page).

How to apply

To apply for admission, you have to upload an application via

Admission area number for this program is 19220. Please choose this number when applying via

You have to apply in quota 2 / 3, due to your foreign qualifying examination.

Quota 2
All applicants from an EU country with a foreign qualifying examination have to apply in quota 2. Application deadline is 15 March, noon.

Quota 3
All applicants from a non-EU country with a foreign qualifying examination have to apply in quota 3. Application deadline is 15 March, noon.

If your grade point average is high enough and if it can be transferred to the Danish scale, your application will be assessed in quota 1, on equal terms with the Danish applicants. The Admission Office will decide which applications can be transferred to quota 1.

Important: You are able to follow your application via Admission SDU. Information about missing documents, admission tests and the later decisions will be shown here. Log on with your Nem ID (only residents in Denmark) or with the username and password you receive shortly after application deadline, 15 March.

Admission test - quota 2

The admission process for BA. int. features:

During admission in quota 2 we will assess your aptitude within the academic and interpersonal  competences which are crucial for you as a student of further academic education.

The evaluation takes place on the basis of:

1. Average grad of the courses Danish A, English B, Mathematics B, one further language A and History/ International Economics/Social Sciences B.

2. A motivated application

Through your motivated application,  your academic and interpersonal competences within the following areas will be evaluated:

      - Motivation: Evaluation of your aptitude to express a well-considered and realistic argumentation about your choice of study. You need to know what you are subscribing to and be motivated for the academic content of the program

      - Knowledge about the program: Evaluation of your knowledge, insight and understanding of the programs content as well as the possible challenges that might occur for you


The academic assessment:

The motivated application:
On the basis of your motivated application you will be evaluated after a scale from 1 - 7 (1 = not satisfactory, 4 = acceptable, 7 = excellent). The areas are emphasized equally. A total score will be given as an average result of the four areas.

Selection criteria in quota 2:

If the amount of applicants in quota 2 outnumbers the capacity of the program, the spots will be allocated after the following principles:

  • The average of the grade in Danish A, English B. Mathematics B, one further language A and History/International Economics/Social Sciences B. The applicant with the highest average will be placed on top of the ranking list

  • The total score of the motivated application - the highest score will be placed on top of the list

The two ranking numbers will be added up and the applicant with the lowest number ends up on top of the final ranking list. The spots will be allocated after the 'top'down principle' until all spots are distributed.

Enrolment in 2016

Enrolment in 2016:

Student places


 Quota 1/2 (%)


GPA in 2016

All qualified applicants admitted


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