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Programme offered in Danish only
If you want to be able to retrieve information and pass it on to other people and if you enjoy learning how to systematise knowledge and communicate this to others, then a BA in Library Science and Knowledge Communication is just the thing for you.

There will be many possibilities to specialise and tailor your studies to match your interests. Library Science and Knowledge Communication includes a series of opportunities for specialisation within areas of culture, media, literature, design and web design, IT pedagogy, business, or other combinations.

Experience reality

Amongst other things, you will be taught how to analyse and organise information and knowledge. How to define target groups and distinguish knowledge and taste cultures, the library as a knowledge and cultural institution, knowledge generating and web-based information retrieval as well as IT pedagogy.

We also emphasise that knowledge not only comes from books. We frequently go on field trips to places where knowledge is applied in practice.

With a BA in Library Science and Knowledge Communication, you will remain secure in a field that offers job opportunities within the private and public labour market. A market that needs the management and organisation of knowledge from library books in order to process the flow of knowledge that seeps through businesses every day.