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Admission course for the engineering programmes – Sønderborg

Admission course for the engineering programmes – Sønderborg

The admission course is your path to the engineering programmes if you have a professional background, other practical experience or if you lack one or more subjects or higher levels in your upper secondary school leaving examination (studentereksamen) to meet the requirements for the bachelor or master degree programmes.

One programme – two target groups

Admission courses are a flexible and quick way to the engineering programmes.

  • For those with a few years of practical work experience or technical education after 10th grade. You will have to apply for the whole admission course.
  • For those who have completed upper secondary school or have an advanced technical education, KVU or similar, but lack some subjects or levels to meet the entry requirements for the engineering programmes. You must supplement with individual subjects during a period of six months to a whole year.

At the admission course, the Danish levels of Math A, Physics B and Chemistry C, English C, English B and Danish A are taught.

The admission course only takes a year to complete at the Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg.