Blended learning

At the University of Southern Denmark, Business Administration is conducted as ”blended learning” - a teaching concept which is based on the most advanced knowledge about effective learning and includes a number of teaching methods.

”Blended learning” means that you spend less time in the class room and more time on our e-learning platform (Black Board). On the E-learning-platform you can find films that explain key concepts, methods and theories. You can find supplementary material, past papers etc. Black Board also functions as a communication platform where your professors can guide you between lectures and you can participate in discussions with your fellow students.

Lectures are coordinated via a plan, and each lecture is described in a "lecture list". The lecture list informs you of the targets of the individual courses, ie: the curriculum, slides, articles, video clips and a course description. For the course in Business Economics, the lecture list includes a number of calculations which allows the student to see the application of theories on actual problems.

Thus, “Blended Learning” is not merely an efficient way to study, but also a means of great flexibility which means that it is easier to fit your studies into your life.

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