Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Part 1

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration – part 1

Bulletproof investment in your future


The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is a two-year programme which you attend part-time. The programme enables you to analyse problems and formulate qualified solutions in relation to your job, thereby boosting your future career.

The combined Graduate Diploma in Business Administration programme, part 1 and part 2, together with two years of relevant professional experience, equals a bachelor-level programme and therefore gives you access to relevant professional master-programmes and selected MSc’s in Economics and Business Administration.


The teaching in this programme is organised as “blended learning”. This is a teaching method, which is built on the newest knowledge about effective learning. You spend less time in the classroom, and instead you are supported by an e-learning platform. This gives you a lot of flexibility, making it easier to fit your studies into your daily life.

Furthermore, you can choose to take your courses as distance learning. This means that you can participate no matter where you are.. All you need is a standard computer.

Certificate to prove your knowledge

The Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – part 1 is recognised as a qualifying programme. This means that you will receive a certificate proving your competences which you can use when seeking a job. Furthermore, this certificate grants access to all our part 2 programmes.


The programme is offered in Danish.

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