Erasmus scholarships
If you plan to study at a partner university for a semester or more or spend your internship in Europe you can apply for a Erasmus scholarship. The scholarship amount varies from year to year. These scholarships are administered by SDU International at Campusvej.

The International Fund (Internationaliseringspuljen)
You can also apply for the “Internationaliseringspuljen”, which is administered by SDU International at Campusvej.

Read more under Study Abroad.

Scholarships administered by the Faculty of Engineering:

Foundation of Engineer Jens Jespersen & the M foundation
The foundation supports activities which increase the standards of the engineering education by supporting students’ academic development, mainly in connection with studies or internship abroad.

Danish and international full degree students at The Faculty of Engineering may apply for scholarships for:

Spring deadline for application is Friday 7th April 2017Read more about the scholarship here.

Foundation of Engineer Ernst B. Sund
The Engineer Ernst B. Sund Foundation primarily award scholarships to mechanical, GMM, manufacturing engineering and design students at the Faculty of Engineering in Odense to increase the standards of their engineering studies.

Danish and international engineering students who are enrolled as full degree students at the Faculty of Engineering in Odense may apply for scholarships for international internships outside the EU.

Read more about the scholarship here

Application deadline: 19 December 2016. The application must contain information about purpose and a financial overview.

For both above mentioned foundations (Ernst B. Sund and Engineers Jens Jespersen) the following applies:
Applications for the scholarships must be submitted in writing with enclosed budget for the stay abroad. If you already have an internship contract or a confirmation of the study abroad, it is recommended that you enclose a copy with the application or you may forward it later.

If your financial situation changes considerably compared to the information submitted in the application you must inform the contact person for the foundations at the faculty. An example of a considerable change could be if you unexpectedly get a salary from the internship company.

Applicants who are awarded a scholarship must present an account of expenses and a brief report of the stay to the foundation board after returning to Denmark.

The foundations do not award scholarships for groups travelling abroad, nor for applicants not enrolled at the Faculty of Engineering in Odense.

Other scholarships and foundations
In addition to the above mentioned scholarships and foundations the Faculty of Engineering receives other notices about scholarships.

Read more about scholarships here.

For further information please contact Maria Bergstedt,




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