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PhD projects

Below is an overview of ongoing PhD projects at SDU Embodied Systems for Robotics and Learning. Poster descriptions of the various projects are available by clicking here.

Jürgen Herp, e-mail:, tel. (+45) 6550 9232
Title of PhD project: "Fault Detection and Prediction in Off-shore Wind Turbines", advisor: Esmaeil S. Nadimi

Leon Bonde Larsen, e-mail:, tel. (+45) 6550 7190
Title of PhD project: "Behavioural Communication between Interacting Agents", advisor: Poramate Manoonpong

Mads Dyrmann, e-mail:, tel. (+45) 6550 9258
Title of PhD project: "Machine Vision Based Plant Recognition for Weed Species Identification", advisors: John Hallam og Henrik Skov Midtiby

Saber Farajzadehbibalan, e-mail:, tel. (+45) 6550 9298
Title of PhD project: "Development of applicable Test Scenarios by the grid simulator of a functional test bench", advisor: Esmaeil S. Nadimi

Sarah Sophie Madeleine Garney, e-mail:, tel. (+45) 6550 9573
Title of PhD project: ”Integrated Framework for Fault Detection and Classification in Offshore Wind Turbines Based on Sensor Selection and Fusion", advisor: Esmaeil S. Nadimi

Søren Vissing Jørgensen, e-mail:, tel. (+45) 6550 7953
Title of PhD project: "Design of Agent Based Simulations of Frog Calling Behaviour with Subsequent Data Collection of Natural Frog Chorusing, and Design of Agents that Conform to Collected Data to Perform Agent-Frog Interaction in a Real Environment using Smartphones", advisor: John Hallam

Bjarke Kristian Maigaard Pedersen, e-mail:
Titel på ph.d.-projekt: "Reengineering School - Contextualised Teaching of Technology", vejleder:
Jacob Nielsen

Patricia Lyk, e-mail:, tel. (+45) 6550 8277
Title of PhD project: “Mixed Reality – alcohol and virtual reality", advisor: Gunver Majgaard


An overview of completed PhD projects:

Rasmus Hasle Andersen , title of PhD project: "Combining Machine Learning and Learning from Demonstration in Human-Robot Interaction Systems", advisor: John Hallam

Thomas Mosgaard Giselsson, title of PhD project: "Real Time Crop Weeds Discrimination by use of Computer Vision and Machine Learning", advisor: John Hallam

Last Updated 29.01.2019