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About the section

SDU Embodied Systems for Robotics and Learning concentrates on embodied robotics (that is, robotic systems that exploit the physical dynamics of their bodies and surroundings), machine learning for data analysis and control and applications of AI and robotics in education, rehabilitation, health and social technologies. It hosts the TEK Faculty part of the SDU Centre for BioRobotics.

Core Competencies

SDU Embodied Systems for Robotics and Learning comprises people skilled in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (both Statistical and Soft Computing), Embedded Electronics and Educational and Health Technologies. Its research covers bio-inspired robotics and biorobotics, embodied robot construction tools for research purposes, knowledge-based support for robotic systems design and engineering, applications of soft-computing and statistical machine learning - including work on Big Data - and use of embodied robotics methods in education and health. We rely on our expertise in embedded electronics, signal processing and control for our construction of unusual robotic systems and educational equipment.


Head of Section, Professor John Hallam, e-mail:

Last Updated 05.02.2020