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How to apply

The University of Southern Denmark uses an online recruitment system. In order to apply for a position you need to upload your application and all appendices according to the job advertisement through our online application form. Your application will not be registered as received if you forward your application on e-mail outside the system. If you experience technical problems you must contact

The application

To apply for a position at the University of Southern Denmark, we kindly ask you to fill in the requested information and to enclose your application, CV, and other relevant information. All fields marked * MUST be filled in. Unless otherwise specified in the job announcement, application and appendices must be in Danish or English.

If you are not a Danish speaking applicant, please make sure to enter the electronic application form via the English website. You do so by clicking the English flag at the top of the page, click on “vacant positions” and find the position you are interested in. This way the electronic application form will be in English and the automated e-mails you will receive will also be in English.

Please remember to press 'Submit' at the bottom of the page to submit your application. Your application has not been registered until you have received an e-mail from us confirming the receipt of your application.

We recommend that you prepare all your application material (according to the advertisement) in advance in a folder on your desktop before you begin the application process (pdf-files).

The application deadline

Your application must be registered in our system on the indicated date no later than 23.59.59 CET/CEST.


Please note that we only accept files in pdf-format no more than 5 MB per file.

All pdf-files must be unlocked and allow binding and may not be password protected.

In case you have more than one file per field you need to combine the pdf-files into a single file, as each field handles one file. 


When your application has been registered in our database you will receive a receipt on the e-mail you indicated in the application form.  

I have noticed a mistake in the submitted application, what do I do? 

If you notice the mistake after the application deadline, we regrettably have to inform you that we do not accept corrections or further documents submitted after the application deadline, and you will therefore be assessed on the application and documents originally submitted.

I have submitted my application to the e-mail specified in the job advertisement, but I have not received a receipt, what do I do?

You application will only be registered in our database when you submit your application through the application form. In case the application deadline has not expire, we advice you to submit your application through our recruitment system after which you will receive a receipt.

In case the application deadline has expired, we regrettably have to inform you that your application is not registered in our database, and you are therefore not among the applicants for the desired position.

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Last Updated 03.06.2021