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The P5 car park is closing


As planned, the construction of a completely new building for DIAS is beginning and as a result, the P5 car park will be closed and instead function as part of the building site. Earthmoving operations are starting already this week, week 7, and P5 will thus be closed from the middle of week 7 and henceforth. The car park will not reopen, but the many new parking spaces on the western side of campus will in number make up for the ones being closed.

The actual construction of DIAS will begin around March 1st and according to the plan, the new building should be ready for use in December 2019.

Many new parking spaces

Simultaneously, the extension of Fioniavej is also opening in week 7 granting access to the new V2 car park situated behind the existing P5.

During week 10, the V4 car park will also open in extension of V2, ensuring enough parking spaces despite the closing of P5.

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Last Updated 03.08.2020