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New bus stop on Campusvej from 1 June


From the end of May, Campusvej will no longer be part of the bus route. This is due to the upcoming work on the light rail. The current bus stops on Campusvej (at the main entrance and entrance B and C) will be moved to a temporary stop behind the public swimming pool/athletics stadium.

Consequently, this means that in future you must get on and off the bus at the temporary stop when you are going to and from SDU. Signs will be put up on campus which you can follow if you are in doubt. A new bus stop will be put into operation in August 2017.

The stop is indicated in blue on this map

On 31 May at midnight the last bus will drive down Campusvej and from the next morning at 5 am, the new route for the buses will be around the back of the campus and they will stop at the public swimming pool.

On this page you can keep regularly updated on the changes and rearrangements the coming light rail will entail on campus in Odense.

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Last Updated 03.08.2020