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Construction work for the Tramway begins at SDU


The construction work for Odense Tramway has reached SDU. At present, the asphalt will be removed from the areas that are being prepared for the new tracks. Odense Tramway has announced that during week 45 it will be driving sheet pilling into the ground at the main entrance (V2) on Campusvej.

Furthermore, Odense Tramway has announced that periods with noise-intensive activities should be expected. SDU has no say over the tramway construction work that passes through SDU grounds.

The image shows which areas of Campusvej will be affected by the tramway construction work. 

Billedet viser et eksempel på en spunsvæg.Example of a sheet piling wall

Read more on Odense Tramway's website (Only available with Google Translate)

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Last Updated 03.08.2020