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Professor in rehabilitation and palliative care with function as Head of Research

REHPA, The Danish Knowledge Centre for Rehabilitation and Palliative Care, Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital, invites applications for a permanent position as professor with function as Head of Research within the field of rehabilitation and palliative care.

The position is vacant to be filled as soon as possible or by agreement.


REHPA is a national and publicly funded research-based knowledge centre anchored at Odense University Hospital, Region of Southern Denmark and at the Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark.

REHPA contributes to the development of evidence-based practice within the field of rehabilitation and palliative care to the benefit of patients suffering from life-threatening disease, including relatives and careers.  REHPA works in cycles between mapping, intervention, evaluation and communication using different interdisciplinary designs and methods, exploring rehabilitation and palliative care and how they are organized and impact on health organizations, professionals and, importantly, everyday life of the affected people. REHPA has a Research Clinic, delivering clinical rehabilitation and early phase palliative care, conducting research in how rehabilitation and palliative care can help and support our particular target groups. Read more about us at

The vacant position

The vacant position is a permanent full-time professorship in rehabilitation and palliative care with a focus on life threatening disease, with a major function as Head of Research.  The function as Head of Research includes strategic research work, research management, and research within rehabilitation and palliative care.

The professor will be expected to ensure that REHPA´s research activities actively contributes to further scientific development within the fields of rehabilitation and palliative care, and at the same time to ensure that the research contributes to implementation of REHPA´s overall strategy. As Head of Research, the professor will thus be responsible for a coherent strategic direction and coordination of the research conducted within and in collaboration with REHPA, including an expectation to initiate, develop and lead research programmes.  There will be emphasis on leading the research activities in an ambitious and positive way through counselling and mentoring the researchers in REHPA. Furthermore, ensuring close coordination of research with the other core activities in REHPA will be a vital part of the function.

REHPA’s work environment is characterized by high standards as well as an informal tone among colleagues. The organizational culture is open and seeks to promote high involvement and participation from all employees, regardless of seniority or position. The leadership role entails being facilitating, dynamic and vibrant and should strive for interactive processes of knowledge sharing and involvement. 

Additionally, the position entails representing and profiling REHPA in the public eye as well as in academic settings, e.g. at OUH, SDU and in external research environments.

Job description

The professor’s obligations will primarily be to:

  • Maintain and develop high quality research in the field of rehabilitation and palliative care
  • Contribute to REHPA’s existing strong profile and positive work environment in close collaboration with colleagues
  • Prioritize, underpin and develop REHPA projects in accordance with REHPAs overall strategy and through dialogue with REHPA´s Research Council and other colleagues
  • Ensure basis for the productive output of research from REHPA by providing inspiration, support and focused research leadership
  • Chair REHPA's internal Research Council
  • Further develop research in REHPA´s Research Clinic in close collaboration with the Head of the Research Clinic, including responsibility for REHPA´s clinical research database
  • Facilitate communication and coordination between research activities and other core activities in REHPA such as the Research Clinic, knowledge dissemination, documentation, and public sector consultancy
  • Maintain and establish research collaboration and networks between internal and external collaborators, nationally and internationally
  • Instruct, supervise and examine undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. students.
  • Participate in assessment committee work
  • Contribute to increasing external research funding, and to have overall responsibility for research finances
  • Handle administrative tasks related to the position as Professor, and represent REHPA as Head of Research at SDU and OUH
  • Ensure knowledge sharing – internally as well as in the wider society, including
  • participation in the public debate

Furthermore - as the position involves training, motivating, and supporting researchers in an environment of close collaboration with REHPA’s other functions - the applicant must be able to participate in and facilitate various forms of teamwork and research traditions. We expect our new colleague to have a motivational style of leadership and a strong, influential personality.


  • Academic background in health science (e.g. physician, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, master of science in public health)
  • Academic merits in accordance with the grade as Professor
  • A strong research profile within the fields of rehabilitation and/or palliative care or related areas with a focus on life-threatening disease
  • Demonstrated (international) research excellence
  • Formal education/training as Head of research
  • Proven ability to provide leadership of research groups as well as ability to operate as a leader at centre, faculty and university levels
  • A successful record in obtaining research funding as well as leading and managing research projects
  • A clear, well-developed strategy for sustained high quality research that results in scientific publications and develops the field of rehabilitation and palliative care
  • In depth knowledge of the Danish health services and health care organizations, as well as an understanding of clinical practice and experience in conducting research in clinical practice
  • Experience with interdisciplinary research, documented experience with both quantitative and qualitative research and an academically respectful and open mind.
  • Effective oral, written and verbal communication in Danish and English
  • Energetic and a well-developed ability to create overview, organize and structure work

The applicant will be expected to have proven research leadership skills, and since the professor will be part of REHPA’s management team, the applicant will be expected to be a team player with documented strategic and organizational skills.


The professor will refer to the Head of Centre. Regarding research and scientific matters, i.e. university aspects, the professor refers to the Head of the Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark.

Place of employment

REHPA is situated in Nyborg, Funen, Denmark. In addition, REHPA has local office facilities in the other four regions of Denmark. The place of employment will be REHPA's office in Nyborg, with attendance at least three days a week. One of the local offices may be arranged as secondary place of employment.

The successful applicant for the university position will be employed in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations).

Further information

Please contact Head of Centre, Professor Ann-Dorthe Zwisler, MD, Cardiologist, PhD, phone +45 2367 1284, e-mail:  or Head of Department (SDU) Kirsten Ohm Kyvik, phone +45 60 11 30 46, e-mail


Only online applications in English will be accepted.

Applications may be shortlisted, and all candidates will be notified whether their application has been selected for assessment by an Academic Expert Assessment Committee or not.

Qualified candidates in the final round will be invited to an interview on leadership and outlined research strategy in relation to REHPA’s overall profile and will be asked to fill in an online personality test in advance. Selected candidates will be notified of the composition of the interview committee.

Applications – including the required attachments – must be sent via the below-mentioned link “Apply online”. Only online applications will be accepted. Attached files must be Adobe PDF or Word format. Each field in the application form can contain up to max 10 Mb.

The application must contain (as .pdf-or .docx-files):

  • A motivation letter
  • A detailed CV
  • Degree certificates (inclusive of Ph.D.-diploma) (combined as one single PDF-file)
  • A complete and numbered list of publications
  • 10 scientific peer-reviewed publications considered by the applicant to the most important for this position. Please notice that one pdf.-or docx.-file must be attached for each publication
  • A teaching portfolio detailing the candidate’s prior teaching experience, teaching skills, and teaching philosophy, supplied with a portfolio detailing the candidates knowledge sharing experience  at all levels
  • A clear, well-developed research strategy plan for leadership within the framework of the overall REHPA strategy 2025 and a plan for research that sustain and further develop high quality research at REHPA and results in scientific publications as well a broad knowledge sharing with impact on rehabilitation and palliative care to the benefit of patients, relatives and carers suffering from life-threatening diseases

References may be obtained for the applicant who is the first choice for the position – from the applicant’s most recent employer, and from previous employers as required.

Incomplete applications with regard to the above-mentioned requirements will not be assessed.

Further particulars concerning the application-please see the link below.

REHPA wishes our staff to reflect the diversity of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

Further details

Read the Guideline for applicants



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