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SDU Entrepreneurship Labs

SDU Entrepreneurship Labs is the innovation and entrepreneurship environment of the university. 

Here we hatch startups and inspire innovative students, working with companies. 

A practical approach

At SDU Entrepreneurship Labs you will find a practical approach to our role as incubator for future companies. 

We have e.g. helped nurture succesful startups such as Sensohive and Bikematch.

And we have helped New OUH, who in collaboration with a startup developed a new VR-solution

Is your company looking for new inspiration?

Do you work in a company eager to get new ideas, fresh eyes and inspiration:

  • Become mentor for one of our startups and enjoy the high energy level and many questions. 
  • Reach out to our entrepreneurial students and work together on business ideas and development plans. 
  • Attend pitch presentations from exiting and promising startups for the purpose of gaining investments, partnerships and collaboration
  • Join us at Company Meetup where you exchange your office for a desk in the middle of our entrepreneurial environment for a couple of days. 

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities

Do you have questions or need more information?

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Last Updated 18.11.2019