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Camp Sprog&Sport

Jacob Nørregård
Faculty of Health Sciences, Odense

Phone: +45 22500506

The startup was launched in July 2016.

Sport&Sprog is an association which was founded in 2016 by Jacob Nørregård. In 2017 and 2018, Sprog&Sport held three summer camps in Odense, for children and young people aged 9-16. Through active foreign language teaching, the purpose is to give children and young people the confidence to express themselves in English and/or German. In 2019, Sprog&Sport will expand their summer camps to Copenhagen, and the product range will be expanded with one-day events and workshops at schools.

The dream is to reverse the declining interest in foreign languages, especially German. We want children and young people to get the confidence to express themselves in their foreign language, and even give them the motivation to embark on language learning. Sprog&Sport wants to reach as many children and young people as possible. 

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Development stage:

Graphics, stage 3, Business Development (Scale)