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Maya Nicolaisen
Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Kolding


The startup was launched in November 2018. 

Today many women feel insecure because of the pressure from different sides. Right now I'm using my style-coach education to be face2face with my costumers. I'm not only looking at what is trendy; I also look at the indivdual and help them take the next step. Right now I have three services: Wardrobe check, style guide and personal shopping.

I want to create an platform for bringing my tools online, so I can help more people. I want to focus on slow fashion. In time I want the system to work with almost 100% algorithms. The platform will also have a freelance bureau assigned, where stylists can have a virtual univers and generate value to the Stylerack.

Development stage:

Graphics, stage 1, Problem/Solution fit