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Svetlana Petrova, Aleksandar Novakov, Alexandros Sapounidis
Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Kolding

Phone: +45 42460414

The Startup was launched in September 2018. 

LAHU System is a combination of digital technology and tangible artifacts which can be used for teaching language through games. It consists of an interactive physical toolkit and a web-based platform. Pupils will engage in different games through IoT based wearable artifacts, giving them “superpowers” to learn, and to interact with each other. The web-based platform will serve as a virtual assistant for the teachers and help them program the artifacts and design their own learning games. 

LAHU helps teachers to become designers, to create their own gamified content and incorporate it into the curriculum. We aim to penetrate the Scandinavian market and Germany, integrate other subjects such as Maths, Geography, to penetrate B2C market, to customized artifacts for the designed games.

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Development stage:

Graphics, stage 1, Problem/Solution fit