Jonatan Møller Gøttcke, Peter Severin Rasmussen, Mathias Emil Bøgebjerg
Faculty of Science

Phone: +45 23650196
Email: kontakt@opgo.io
Webpage: https://www.opgo.io/

The company was launched in May 2018.

OpGo is an IT startup consisting of two different branches. One focuses on developing a web platform that can be sold to companies, which include tailormade interfacing to complex Machine Learning, AI and mathematical optimization models, which make the complex solutions easily accessible through a simple interface. In addition, OpGo performs consultancy within AI, Machine Learning and mathematical modeling. 

OpGo dreams of becoming a leader in delivering cutting edge AI, ML and MM models that have usability that makes them available in any industry where they can help established businesses optimize revenue, minimize spending, resource consumption, or work time. 

OpGo pers


Development stage:

Graphics, stage 2, Product/Market

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