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As a Business Partner with SDU, you have the opportunity to get closer to new talents and potential employees.

For existing partners

Your visibility at SDU

In a partnership with SDU RIO, there are different possibilities in relation to communication and the meeting with the students at SDU.

Often we will use images from you on various digital platforms, so to make it as easy and manageable as possible for all parties, here you can find information about size, formats and more.

If you have any questions, please contact us via mail.

Line of directions and formats

As an SDU business partner, you can get content on our info screens, which are located multiple places on our 5 campuses.
The content must be study and/or career-related and must be approved by us. Content where promotion of, for example, cheap insurance, free memberships, high wages, good lunch agreement or number of holiday days is paramount, will therefore not be approved by SDU.

You have a 20-second time frame available, in which you choose whether you want to display a single image, a maximum of three images evenly distributed over the specified time frame, or a video without sound.

In order to get content on the screens, you must prepare an image or a video that fits the format below:

Format: 1920 x 842 pixels.
Pictures must be sent individually and be in JPEG format and minimum of 3 MB.
The video must be sent in MPEG4 format, and be max. 20 seconds long.

When sending the material to us, it is also important that you state the exact start and end date for when the material should be active on the screens.

Do you have a job posting that could be relevant for SDU profiles?  Create a company profile at SDU Jobbank.

With a company profile you can i.a.:

Filter your candidates:
When you set up a company profile at SDU Jobbank, you can choose specific qualifications that you have for your future employee, and through the data-driven recruitment, you can immediately see how many candidates match your search and needs. 

Target your communication:
You can ensure that your job positions get sent to the relevant candidates using a direct mail campaign, and thereby increase the quality of the applicants. 

Use active recruitment with Graduateland LIVE: 
A digital platform for your employer brand. With Graduateland LIVE you can sort and chat with online candidates in real-time. You can start video-conversations whenever it suits you. You can set up LIVE sessions with specific themes like graduate programmes, job positions etc. This way you can easily and effectively build a talent base for your company.

There are various options for constructing a company profile that meets your requirements By default, it is free to create job posts and make use of Graduateland LIVE. But if you want to optimize your visibility and contact with candidates, you have the opportunity to purchase other solutions. Find opportunities and prices here

Do you need help using the job bank?:
Do you have questions on how SDU job bank works, how to create targeted campaigns via the job bank as a channel or something else, please contact SDU Jobbank via mail or phone: +45 50549929.

Due to Covid-19 and tightened restrictions, pitstops are not possible right now.

A pistop at SDU is a good way to create broad visibility among our students. You will be standing by a cafe table in a cross field at the campus you desire, where the students can enter into a dialogue with you.

Booking pitstops:

If you wish to book a pitstop, please contact Technical Service at email:

As a partner you submit the desired date, time, and location at SDU (overview of possible locations)

Attn! Please note that any catering must be ordered through SDU’s canteen at your own expense.

As a business partner, it is possible to get in touch with the students via digital campaigns on our social media platform. For those of you who wish to make use of this opportunity, we kindly request to  inform yourselves with our guidelines and use them actively in the process of content creation. The guidelines are also attached as Annex 1 in your contract with SDU.

Visibility on our social media may also be possible outside of our campaigns. Therefore, if you have relevant messages, you are always welcome to send it our way. SDU has the full editorial right and assesses content on an ongoing basis as it enters.

Please find inspiration in the SoMe annual wheel, which is attached  in the guideline document. Here, relevant themes will be updated on an ongoing basis. Should you as a business partner wish a post that differs from the thematics in the SoMe annual wheel, you are welcome to contact us.

For more information or interest in SoMe promotion contact Sofie Birkebæk:


SDU annual cycle 2022

Get an overview of larger events at SDU RIO and SDU in general, and the students' yearly cycles. 

The meaning of the events' colors:

  • Dark red: Career related events
  • Pink: Social events
  • Light pink: Student vacation, exam etc.
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Last Updated 19.01.2022