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MCI seminar abstract

MCI seminar, 12 May: 

Dynamic multi-frequency analysis: exploring the dynamic behaviour of electrochemical reactions

By prof. Fabio La Mantia, Faculty of Production Engineering, Energy Storage and Energy Conversion Systems, Universität Bremen, Germany

Dynamic multi-frequency analysis (DMFA) is a tool that allows acquiring dynamic impedance spectra of electrochemical systems in a large range of frequencies, from 1 MHz down to few Hz, with high time-resolved precision [1,2]. Starting from the physical definition of impedance and admittance, and using Volterra series, it has been shown how the concept of dynamic impedance is an extension of the concept of stationary impedance [3]. Here an overlook in the application of dynamic multi-frequency analysis to several electrochemical systems will be shown, among which electron transfer to a redox couple, hydrogen evolution reaction, ion intercalation in Prussian blue analogues and lithium manganese oxide. In particular, several aspects of modeling and fitting the dynamic impedance spectra will be addressed. In addition to this, a short overview on the analysis of the dynamic non-linear frequency response in electrochemical systems will be addressed, and first experimental results on electron transfer to a redox couple will be shown.

Time & Zoom link

12 May 2021, 15.00 - 16.00
Online via Zoom: 
Host: Jacek Fiutowski

To protect the environment, we only provide an online version of the abstract. Should you need to print it, you can contact Sabina Petersen to get a pdf version.

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