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MCI seminar abstract

MCI seminar, 23 June: 

Functional exitonic interfaces for bionic vision sensors

By apl. Prof. Dr. Manuela Schiek, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria

Organic semiconductors are strong in their excitonic interactions with light and simultaneously promise a seamless match with biological tissue due to their mechanical softness. Lately, we have shown that organic semiconductor thin films interfaced with a physiological electrolyte are able to activate neuronal model cells by rapid photo-capacitive stimulation. For this we utilise temporal and spectrally resolved current voltage characterisations and electrophysiological patch clamp recordings. Direct optical stimulation of implantable neuro-stimulating platforms constitutes a minimal invasive therapeutic approach. The most obvious biomedical application potential is a wireless prosthetic treatment of degenerate retina for vision restoration. To pave the way to real world in vivo applications a fundamental understanding of the local stimulation mechanism and interface formation with biological tissue is crucial. For this we apply in operando spectroscopic tools combining electrochemical analysis with spectroscopic ellipsometry to study the dielectric response function under dynamic, operational conditions.

Time & Zoom link

23 June 2021, 15.00 - 16.00
Online via Zoom:
Host: Frank Balzer

To protect the environment, we only provide an online version of the abstract. Should you need to print it, you can contact Sabina Petersen to get a pdf version.

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