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It’s about doing something worth doing, for society, with society

Many challenges in our society now feature such complexity that it’s simply impossible for any single institution or company to deal with them using only their own resources.

Tackling these challenges requires cross-disciplinary collaboration in which different specialist skills and capabilities can be dovetailed and brought into play effectively.

That’s why SDU prioritises cross-disciplinary collaboration setups in many forms. These include a special unit – the SDU Research & Innovation Organisation  – that helps students, companies and researchers engage in projects aimed at tackling the challenges of the future, and specialist entrepreneurial environments such as Cortex Lab (Odense) and Pakhuset (Kolding).

The overall goals include lower unemployment, tangible value generation in companies that collaborate with SDU, and value-generating innovations that can be applied in both the private and public sectors, as well as the setting up of entrepreneurial initiatives originating from work done at SDU.


Last Updated 17.12.2019