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The development contract

Strategic development contract for the University of Southern Denmark 2022-2025

In May 2022, SDU entered into a new four-year strategic framework contract with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The framework contract is valid for the period of 2022-2025 and sets strategic goals for SDU’s core tasks within research, research-based education and collaboration with the surrounding community.

Read the development contract

During the contract period, SDU will therefore work with the following five strategic goals for the University’s tasks:

  1. SDU will develop the level of research
  2. SDU will promote core competency, interdisciplinarity and sustainable transition.
  3. SDU will offer high-quality research-based education with relevance to society.
  4. SDU will offer regional education programmes, lifelong learning and a good study environment.
  5. SDU strengthens innovation for the benefit of society.

The complete strategic framework contract for SDU is available for download here .

Questions about SDU’s strategic framework contract can be directed to the Director of the Rector's Office, Anni Søborg (