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It’s about breaking through boundaries and shaping the future

SDU works to shift traditional boundaries and shape a better future in many different ways. It’s not just a question of what we research into – but also how.

The SDU campus covers virtually all scientific and humanities disciplines, enabling us to make sure that the research issues we focus on are appropriate to the society we live in – as it develops and changes – and that research results can be quickly tested and converted into practical, implementable results that benefit individual citizens as well as public welfare.

One particular example of how we do this is the Danish Institute for Advanced Study, a research centre that aims to inspire and kickstart ground-breaking new ideas via effective meetings of minds in a world-class think-tank environment. The aim is to bring together the best features of scientific and humanities work, with a strong focus on developing the capabilities of younger researchers working on game-changer ideas.



Last Updated 17.12.2019