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Innovation Prize

The Innovation Prize is awarded to an SDU employee who has brought SDU’s knowledge in education or research into play in a completely new and innovative way and who has created value for and together with the community.

Emphasis may be placed on one or more of the following criteria in the nomination of candidates:


  • For research results that have been actively translated into research-based solutions or technologies and applied in collaboration with the business community or public authorities.
  • For promoting the entrepreneurial and innovative mindset of teachers, PhD students and students, therefore being an excellent ambassador for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • For cooperation with companies or public authorities that has created new opportunities for research, development or business cooperation.
  • For the creation of businesses whose products or services are original and marketable and have had or could have societal impact.


Assistant professor Muhammed Tahir Ashraf, specialist consultant Lars Yde and professor Henrik Wenzel, Department of Green Technology


Associate professor Eva Knutz and professor Thomas Markussen, Department of Media, Design, Education and Cognition


Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu, Professor, Faculty of Technology


Morten Østergaard Andersen, Associate Professor, Faculty of Technology


Grith Lykke Sørensen, Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences


Fabrizio Montesi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science

Last Updated 07.03.2023