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Anniversary Books

A world of knowledge - anniversary anthology

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Odense University, the University History Committee publishes an anniversary anthology dealing with different aspects of the University of Southern Denmark's history.

The anthology opens with two long chapters institution historical overview, which included chapters on research, education, the physical environment, the formation of the University, the library and finally two retrospect by 40-year anniversaries.

The anthology edited by Jeppe Nevers, a professor with special responsibilities in the Department of History and also manager of the University History Committee, who collects and stores material to illustrate the university's history. The committe is set up by the Rector and has representatives from all faculties.

Reception September 12
The publication of the anthology was celebrated with a reception Monday, September 12, 2016 in the atrium of the University Library. Rector of the SDU Henrik Dam and chairman of the University History Committee, Associate Professor Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen, who has written the book's guiding chapter, spoke at the reception.

The book is published by University Press, and the introductory chapter of Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen is freely available on the publisher's website, where you can purchase the book: En verden af viden - Syddansk Universitetsforlag 

50 years of art at SDU

New art book presents a selection of contemporary art, which is reflected in the university. 

You do not move very far at SDU to spot a modern work of art. The University has over the years received many art gifts and today has a hefty collection of contemporary art.
A selection of the works can be seen in a new art book "50 års kunst på SDU", published on the occasion of the university's anniversary.
The idea of the book is to present the works, so the reader will have the opportunity to experience the breadth and gravity of the assembly, and be inspired to explore and enjoy the works in their proper setting.
"The book is a picture book, but it was not to lower the readability index that we agreed to make it so. It was from a conscious desire to show that art should be seen, not explained", said Jens Oddershede when the book was published on Monday, April 25.
He is chairman of the university's art committee who have registered all the university's 670 works. In the book, a selection of 100 of the works are presented. The book can be purchased at 50 års kunst på SDU - Syddansk Universitetsforlag.