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Kuheli Dutt

Assistant Director for Academic Affairs & Diversity
Columbia University, USA

Dr. Kuheli Dutt is the Assistant Director for Academic Affairs & Diversity at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) at Columbia University. In this capacity she serves as Lamont’s Diversity Officer, and aims to enable better representation of women and minorities among the Lamont scientific community. As part of the Lamont leadership, Dr. Dutt participates in activities such as: appointments and promotions; search committee procedures; salary structures; family leave policies; bylaws and institutional governance; and the advancement of junior scientists. Dr. Dutt actively promotes awareness on gender and diversity issues, and harassment in the workplace. Her research interests lie in gender issues, implicit bias, and diversity in the sciences. Dr. Dutt’s paper on gender differences in recommendation letters was published in Nature Geoscience, and her book, Women in the Geosciences was published by the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Dr. Dutt’s work has received wide media coverage, including venues such as: NPR Science Friday; Scientific American; Nature; Science; Huffington Post; AGU; Inside Higher Ed;  Physics World;  Ars Technica; Smithsonian; El Español;  Time;  Fortune;  EurekAlert, and others. A social scientist by training with a PhD in public policy, Dr. Dutt has presented at national conferences on advancing gender diversity.