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Annual University Celebration

The Teaching Prize - Ole Graumann

Chief consultant Ole Graumann teaches radiology in the medical study programme at the University of Southern Denmark. Ole is a professional beacon with an impressive and infectious commitment and enthusiasm in his teaching and guidance of medical students. His ability to communicate his research and difficult academic material is sublime and has earned him academic and human respect from the students for a number of years.

Ole’s endless efforts to improve and renew his activating teaching so that it is consistently at an extraordinarily high level are directly reflected in his students’ commitment and willingness to make an extra effort themselves. His teaching always manages to focus on the crucial point of the medical profession, namely the patient and the good patient pathway, and he continuously manages to draw relatable parallels to the clinical everyday life. This type of teaching in a study programme that is heavy on theory is what helps to motivate the students to keep their goals in view.

In a study programme with lecturers of more than 2,000 students, it is difficult to stand out and commit to the individual student. Yet Ole’s name is known and not least recognised precisely for his ability to get into every nook and cranny of the lecture hall and to the individual student. Ole’s approach and interaction with the students is open and down to earth and invites to professional back-and-forth and immersion. He finds the time to talk to the students and is always ready to help.

Last Updated 27.10.2023