Jonas Nordquist

Jonas Nordquist, PhD, is the director of the Medical Case Centre at Karolinska Institutet and he is the associate DIO, in charge of the strategic educational development for the residency programs at the Karolinska University Hospital.

He received his PhD in political science from Stockholm University in Sweden in 2001 and joined Karolinska Institutet in 2003.

He has been in charge of the Future Environment Learning Project at Karolinska Institutet and also been in charge of the redevelopment and production of more than 400 physical learning environments.

He is widely engaged as an international consultant in developing building programs in health professions education around the world.

Dr Nordquist has many international publications and papers in the field of how space impacts on learning and is currently i.e. writing the AMEE Guide on Aligning Curriculum and Physical learning spaces in health professions education.


Directions for change in design of learning spaces in higher education

Physical space has been neglected in its impact on the success of learning. Health programs and higher education in general are accommodated in traditional didactic learning spaces: lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and separate buildings for academic disciplines.

Hospitals have limited provision for student learning. Yet learning patterns and educational methods have been transformed.

What are the trends globally in providing high performance learning spaces that respond better to emerging needs?
What are the key design features?
What can we learn from the innovative work and learning spaces in the corporate and other sectors?

This session will address the overall issue of aligning the curriculum with physical learning spaces.

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