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Rules for borrowing/renting SDU´s premises

The rules for borrowing and renting SDU's premises are listed below.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Technical Service at


§ 1 These regulations cover all of the University of Southern Denmark’s (SDU) teaching and conference rooms, including Campus Square in Odense and similar common areas. Rooms located in and administered by departments and centres are also covered by the regulations.

The purpose of the regulations is to ensure that the University’s premises are primarily used for University-related purposes and that rooms are not borrowed or hired on terms that are a distortion of competition in relation to companies whose area of business is hiring out premises and organising meetings, conferences and the like.

Therefore, the rooms may not be used for any kind of private event, regardless of any affiliation the organiser may have with the University, and may not be used for events that incite violence, racism, discrimination or other activities/subjects that may bring the University into disrepute or which in other ways are not in accordance with the academic spirit of the University.

This means that SDU does not permit the holding of events that encourage or support violence, racism or discrimination, for instance, in terms of gender, religion or ethnicity. This also means that SDU does not permit the organisation of activities that are in violation of Danish law. Finally, this means that the organiser of an event must respect the academic spirit of the University in the form of the academic freedoms declared in SDU’s official statement on freedom of research, freedom of teaching and freedom of debate and expression, and that there is the possibility of facilitating critical academic debate when organising events at SDU.

In connection with the rental/loan of SDU premises, the organiser must sign an application form stating that the organiser will comply with the above rules and will act upon them when organising the event. If an organiser has not provided their signature agreeing to comply with the above rules, SDU will not approve the application. If SDU finds that the rules have not been observed at an event, SDU may deny the organiser the possibility of future rental, loan and use of premises.

§2 The premises can only be borrowed/hired if they are not being used for activities in the University’s ordinary course of business, as the University has a preferential right to use all premises.

Subsection 2: Applications for loan/hire must include information about the purpose of the event, department/centre/section and the name of the responsible organiser.

Subsection 3: Private devices can access the internet via SDU’s wireless guest network.

§ 3 Premises can be loaned free of charge for events for which employees, enrolled students or staff organisations at the University of Southern Denmark are responsible.

Subsection 2: To be covered by exemption from hire under Subsection 1:

  • the event must be a natural part of the University’s ordinary business activities
  • the organiser must notify the relevant department/centre/section or organisation of the event, and the responsible contact person must be stated in the application
  • the organisation must either tidy up, clean, etc. themselves or have entered into another agreement to this effect when entering into the hire agreement
  • the application must be submitted by an employee or student at the University of Southern Denmark. When premises (classrooms, canteen areas and Friday bars) are loaned out for party events, a loan agreement must be signed, a deposit must be paid and a minimum of two hours of cleaning must be paid for. The University’s premises cannot be borrowed/hired for any kind of private party, neither by students, employees nor persons with any other connection to the University.

§ 4 Premises may be hired for events that are not covered by the University’s ordinary business activities and that are not organised by employees, enrolled students or others associated with the University as the primary organiser.

Subsection 2: For such events, a premises hire fee is payable, which includes cleaning and use of standard audiovisual (AV) equipment. A charge is imposed for the use of hired AV equipment according to the applicable loan/hire terms and conditions.

Subsection 3: An SDU employee must always be present at such events to ensure that there are no violations of the regulations (see §1). If this employee believes that the regulations are being violated, they may ask the organisers to stop the event without warning. If the University is unable to be represented at the event, the University may cancel the event. The cost of having an SDU employee in attendance is paid for by the organiser in accordance with the applicable collective agreement.

Subsection 4: Applications for hire/loan must be submitted using the form ‘Application for loan, hire and use of the University of Southern Denmark’s premises’ with information about the purpose, content and target group of the event. You can find the application form in the menu items under the type of user you are.

§ 5 These regulations are managed by Technical Services, which will settle any matters of dispute.

Subsection 2: Exemption from the regulations requires authorisation from the Rector.

Hiring a stand

It is possible to hire a stand at SDU.

If you would like to hire a stand pleast contact Technical Services via

A stand costs DKK 500 per hour.

Authorisation to use a stand is granted subject to the following conditions:

  • No signatures of any kind are to be collected, neither binding nor non-binding, including subscription signatures
  • No merchandise/goods that are sold by the local canteen supplier may be issued without prior agreement with Technical Services
  • No sales are to be made
  • There may be no incitement to violence, racism, discrimination or other activities/subjects that may bring the University into disrepute or are otherwise not in accordance with the academic spirit of the University
  • The activity does not interfere with general University traffic or block escape routes 
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Last Updated 20.12.2023