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International Staff Office’s preboarding advice for colleagues at SDU

The following advices are meant for you as a colleague to a new international employee by the time the agreement of employment is in place to make sure that you can assist your new colleague in the transition to SDU and Denmark.

Preboarding is a huge change in the new employees’ life. Not only is it a new job, but it is also a whole new country, which can cause a lot of insecurity and stress for the new employee. ISO has a couple of advices for a smoother transition of the new international employee, which you can find below.

Before the new employee arrives:

  • Think about if you could be a buddy for the new employee regarding getting a good start of the employment and stay in Denmark
  • It is a good idea, if a few of you make an onboarding call without the leader, as it in some cultures are considered inappropriate to ask questions in front of the leader
  • Include or forward relevant emails from the Department or team to the new employee
  • Advice your future colleague to contact ISO, if the employee has questions about moving to Denmark
    • Send a link to ISO’s website:, where the employee can find a lot of information about moving to and living in Denmark
  • Make sure that the new employee has an introduction plan before arriving for the first week or so in order to make sure that the new employee knows, what he/she is going to do. You can find an example of an introduction plan below:





Monday the 2nd of January 2021





Arrival at Campus (bus?)




Welcome and short intro


The secretary from the Department 


Meet the Dean (informal – just “check in”)

Info of the Dean’s Office

The Dean


Intro to the Department/Center


The daily leader/secretary from the Department 


After the new employee has arrived:

  • Arrange a breakfast, where the employee can get an introduction to the team
  • Take the employee on a tour of the Department facilities and Campus
  • Arrange a meeting a with the staff representative and working environment representative and the Head of the Department
  • Make sure the employee sign-up for the next introduction day for new employees. Sign-up at:
  • Remember that there might be cultural differences in regard to the working culture. E.g. the employee might not be used to taking initiative or might hold back if he/she makes a mistake or if the employee misunderstands or don’t understand the work task.

For more information, please have a look at our website:

Last Updated 18.11.2020