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10 good reasons why you should choose SDU

Opinions from international researchers and PhDs about why you should choose SDU

We have talked to some of the researchers and PhD students that are already at SDU, and we have asked them what they think about SDU.

  • The three best things about SDU are: 1) People here are very kind and very rigorous to scientific research. 2) There are a lot of lecture and journal club here. 3) Study here (as a PhD) is no Hustle or bustle, so it is fit to research here, Jianlin – China.
  •  I have a fantastic welcoming group of people to work with (even though my Danish is very, very limited). I have the opportunity to work with some of the best researchers internationally and learn
    Denmark generally is a lovely environment to be in with a good work- life balance for families and some lovely weekend trips possible, Lois – Australia.
  • The three best things about SDU are: 1) You can find kind people to help you solve almost every trouble in the work environment. 2) A lot of sports can be done within the campus. 3) Food in canteen is much better than other European universities, Kaiji – China.
  • I really like the research environment, everyone is open to help and give an opinion of your work. That is something important when you are in the research field. It is always good to listen to the opinions of your colleague and improve your work. I also like the city, it is a quiet and calm city. Also, it is near to Copenhagen, so you will not miss the life in the capital.
    I will definitely recommend others to come to SDU. The research environment is excellent, as well as the infrastructure. So you might have and excellent chance of improve your research and get some new skills, Pablo – Brazil.
  • The three best things about SDU are: 1) Teamwork concept, 2) interactive practices and Innovation, and 3) I would like to recommend other people to go to SDU because I believe that it will give them different perspectives in the future, Semra – Turkey.
  • The three best things about SDU: (a) The research environment here is really good, at least in my department. (b) The PhD program is well structured, including training of both research and teaching. (c) As a PhD student you have the chance for participating many academic activities, such as attending conferences or exchanging to another country for summer course, Li – China.

International Staff Office's reasons to why you should choose SDU

  • SDU is working on a strategy called “Strategy 2020” with two main focus areas: internationalization and talent development. To put these focus areas into realization 5 projects has been launched: 1. Talent development for students, 2. Recruitment and retention of talented, scientific employees, 3. Talent, career- and competence development for TAP (technical administrative personnel), 4. Internationalization of the educations, 5. Internationalization of the research.
  • SDU welcomes all accompanying partners and spouses with “SDU Dual Career Program”, which gives the partners and spouses an opportunity to get guidance and help to find a job and a network in DK.
  • SDU delivers education, research and sharing of knowledge at the highest international level, which promotes the growth, welfare and development of the community.
  • SDU has more than 27,650 students and 3760 employees, and the campuses of the university are represented in 6 cities: Odense, Esbjerg, Kolding, Copenhagen, Slagelse, and Sønderborg - all with main focus on education and research.  
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Last Updated 16.05.2022