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Residence and work permit

Nordic citizens

Citizens of one of the Nordic Countries can work and live in Denmark without a work and residence permit. Read more about staying, living and studying in Denmark at the website for Hallo Norden.

EU/EEA citizens

As an EU citizen you may freely enter Denmark and remain in this country for up to 3 months without an EU residence document (registration certificate). You can read more at the website here.
If you expect that your stay in Denmark will last more than 3 months, you have to apply for an EU residence document before the expiry of the three months. We recommend that you apply for the EU residence document immediately after your arrival to Denmark.
An EU residence document is your proof that as an EU citizen - or as family member of an EU citizen - you have a right to reside in Denmark.
For you as an EU citizen your residence document will be a registration certificate. The certificate is not issued for a specific duration and will remain valid for as long as the conditions on which it was issued continue to apply.
When you have received your registration certificate, you may contact the Citizen Service of your municipality of residence in order to get a civil registration number (CPR number) and a health security certificate. Thus you need a registration certificate in order to get a civil registration number.
After 5 years of uninterrupted legal residence in Denmark, you may apply for a certificate of right to permanent residence.

Citizens from non Nordic/EU/EEA countries

If you have a Master's degree, you can be granted a residence and work permit if you need to conduct research as part of your further education or career development and need to do so at a Danish research institute which makes facilities available, but does not hire you.
As you will not normally be receiving a salary from the Danish organization, you must be able to support yourself with your own means or continue to receive pay from your research institute or employer in your country of origin while in Denmark. You must document your ability to support yourself for the entire duration of your stay.
The annual amount is DKK 137.076 for you (the main applicant) (12 x 11.423, 2019 level). This means that if you apply for a residence permit with a duration of two years, you must document that you have at your disposal DKK 274.152 (24 x 11.423, 2019 level).
Read more about financial requirements here.

If you are to work as a guest researcher attached to a university in Denmark, you may do so without a residence and work permit, provided your stay does not exceed three consecutive months, calculated from the day of arrival in Denmark. If the duration of your stay is less than three months, you have to apply for a visa if you come from a country, where you do need a visa.
If your stay in Denmark is expected to exceed three months, you must have a residence and work permit covering the entire period, including the first three months. Citizens of a country with a visa requirement to enter Denmark must obtain a visa valid for the entire stay before arriving in Denmark.
See list of countries with a visa requirement or read more about visa at our website under the menu item here.

If you are a guest researcher, you can be granted a residence and work permit for up to three years. Your permit cannot be extended beyond three years. Please note that it is a condition that your passport is valid for at least three months beyond the duration of your residence permit or your visa.
Read more about passport requirements in connection with your application here.

If you submit your application from your country of origin or another country where you have legally resided for at least the past three months, you can be granted a residence permit valid for one month prior to the date your job begins. This is to enable you to get settled in Denmark.
If you submit your application in Denmark, your residence permit will be valid from the date your job begins.

About bringing your spouse and children

If you have been granted a residence and work permit as a guest researcher, you can bring certain family members. Please note that you must document that you can support your family members.
Read more about residence permit for accompanying family members here.
Read more about financial requirements here.

New job while in Denmark

If you find a new job while you are working, you must apply for a new residence and work permit.
Read more about how to apply for a residence and work permit as an employee here.

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