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Expat in Denmark

We live in a globalized world, where people constantly are looking for attractive job opportunities and companies wish to attract and retain the best and most skilled employees from abroad.
However, moving to a foreign country and settling is not always easy and there are challenges – but also opportunities along the way. In this regard, Denmark is not different from any other country.

Expat in Denmark is Denmark’s no. 1 national digital platform for expats, Danish repats and globally oriented Danes. The purpose of Expat in Denmark is to contribute to making Denmark an attractive place to work and live in.

On their website you can find events like “celebrate like a Dane”, “language school fair”, “spouse café”, “introduction to field hockey” and many more.

If you choose to participate in these events, it is a great opportunity to get to know more about Denmark, Danish culture and language and meet other international researchers that you can network with.

You can also read more about arriving and staying in Denmark as for example something about health care, transport or facts about Denmark.

Please click here for more information about arriving and living in Denmark.

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Last Updated 15.05.2019